Welcome to the 33rd Annual Warburton Film Festival

Whether you are from Warburton, elsewhere in the Yarra Valley, or indeed from anywhere, we welcome you to this feast of wonderful contemporary films that comprise this film festival. Of the nine feature films included in this program, we have represented 8 different countries of origin with a range of genres from documentary, adventure, comedy to drama, and these films have received high acclamation from critics worldwide.

We are particularly pleased to present Force of Destiny, the latest film by the great Australian director, Paul Cox. Paul has been a long time supporter and is also patron of the Warburton Film Festival.

Not only is the festival about feature films, but also included is a short film competition called “Show us your Shorts” on Friday afternoon. This competition is very important in giving young film makers throughout Victoria a chance to show their works to the public and gain recognition and support.

Take this opportunity to spend time viewing high standard films and at the same time mix with other like minded people to discuss these cinematic experiences at the social events.

We thank the Yarra Ranges Council for its financial backing, the staff of the Warburton Arts Centre for their dedication and support, and also the Bendigo Bank – Upper Yarra Community Enterprise. Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Branches for financial support.

Keith Wade
President, Yarra Ranges Film Society

Welcome to the 2016 Warburton Film Festival